Lionel Messi is one of the most expensive football players in history. The Argentinean has managed to amass a huge amount of trophies, as well as a number of personal records.
The Barcelona star is one the most sought-after players in the world, and the club is one his main rivals.
However, the club has recently been showing signs of fatigue, and many of the players are not in the best shape.
Messi is one such player who is not in his best shape, and this has become a problem for the club.
Will Messi leave Barcelona?
The Argentinean is one among the main stars of the team, and he is loved by the fans. However, the team has recently become less dynamic, and it is not easy to win a match.
Many fans are also worried about the health of the player, as he is not able to play for the team for a long time.
It is also worth noting that Messi is not the only star of the club who is in poor shape. The other players are:
* Sergio Busquets;
* Jordi Alba;

* Sergi Busquet.
This has seriously affected the effectiveness of the Barcelona team.

Many experts believe that Messi will leave the club, and that the club will not be able to compete with the main rival of the Argentinean.
There are many reasons for this, and they include:
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Lackadaisical coaching.
3. Lack in the team’s game.
4. Lack on the resources.
5. Lack to pay the players a good wage.
6. Lack for the transfer of good players.
7. Messi’stopper.
8. Lack a good coach.
9. Lack the motivation of the fans and players.
It has become more difficult for the Barcelona to compete against the main rivals of the star player.
In order to solve this problem, the management has to make some changes, and Lionel Messi is the main candidate for this.
Who is the most likely candidate for leaving Barcelona?
The club has a number talented players, but they are not able at the moment to compete in the international arena.
One of the main candidates for leaving the club this summer is the Argentine forward, Sergio Busquet.
Despite the fact that he is the oldest player in the squad, the fans are not happy with the fact he is often injured.
He is also not able yet to play in the Champions League.
Another candidate for the departure of the famous player is the young starlet, Jordi Maluenda.
Although he is still a young player, he is already able to make a name for himself in the Spanish La Liga.
But the main problem of the young player is that he has not yet managed to get a good contract.
If Busquet and Maluendeta leave the team this summer, the chances of the others to leave the Barca are also reduced.
How will Messi leave the Barcelona? How will the club’slich problems be solved?
Messiaen’ leaving the team will be a real shock for the fans, as the player has become one of their main stars.
Barcelona has a lot of talented players who can be replaced by Messi.
These include:
1) Messi”s teammates.
They are:

* Busquet;
2) Sergi Dublak;
3) Jordi Girona;
4) Gerard Pique;
5) Pique’sa teammate, Alba.
All these players are able to replace Messi in the field, and will be able not to be a problem.
At the moment, Messi is a key player of the Barc’ team, but the club needs to find a solution to the problem of his leaving the squad.
Is Lionel Messi the main star of Barcelona? Who is his rival?
Lions’ fans are very happy with Messi, as they are sure that the Argentine will leave Barcelona.
Livescore today of Messi‘s team
The team‘ s livescore today is a great source of information about the team. The players of the Catalan club have a good game, and are able not only to win matches, but also to achieve a lot in the tournament arena. The team” s livescores today are a good indicator of the current state of the game of the teams.
Of course, the main goal of the Messi“s team is to win the Champions league.
That is why the team is always ready to sacrifice the result in order to achieve this goal.
Messi‡s rivals
The main rival the team of Messi is Real Madrid.
Real Madrid is the team that has been able to win many trophies in the past, and is considered one of its main rivals in the current tournament.
Among the main advantages of the Madrid team are:

* Real Madrid has a good lineup.
Most of the stars of Messi and the team are able play together.
* Real Madrid is a team that is able to buy good players from other teams.

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