The new movie of the famous series of books and movies is called “Harry Potters” and it is set to be released on the 21st of May. The main character of the new movie is Harry, who is the main protagonist of the series. The role of Hermione is played by Emma Watson. The movie will be directed by David Yates and it will be presented in English.

The movie is based on the book series by J.K. Rowling and it tells the story of the life of the main character Harry, the main hero of the book. The first movie of this series was released in 2000 and it was a failure. The second movie was released a year later and it became a huge success.
In the new film, Harry will be joined by his friends, who will help him in his life. The new movie will focus on the lives of the characters and will give us a glimpse of their lives. The actors who will be playing the main characters of the movie are:
* Tom Felton;
* Rupert Grint;

* Colin Farrell;

* Daniel Radcliffe;
The list of the actors who have already appeared in the movie is really long. The list of cast members is really impressive and it includes:
· – Tom FelTON;
· – – Rupert GrINT;
– – – Colin Farrell.
You can see the list of actors who are playing the characters in the new Harry Potter movie on the website of the entertainment industry. It is easy to find it on the left-hand side of the screen. The information about the new movies is updated regularly and you can always find out the latest news on the site.
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New “HarryPotter” Movie: A New Look at the Main Character
The first movie in the series of the books and the movies was a huge failure. Now, the new one is a success and it has already become a huge hit. The latest news about the movie and the cast of the cast are already available on the Internet.
Harry Potter is a book series that has become a real classic. It was written by J K Rowling and the author has been working on it for more than 20 years. The book series has been translated into more than 30 languages and it’s been published in more than 100 countries.
This year, the book will be published in the English language. The author has already decided to give the main role to a young actor. The young actor is Tom FelTon and he will play the role of Harry. The casting of the young actor was a real surprise and it happened only a few days before the release of the film.
It is really important to watch the new “HarryPotters” movie, because it will tell us a lot about the character of Harry and it’ll be really interesting to watch. The cast of this movie includes:
·- Colin Farrell – he is a British actor who has already appeared on the big screen.
· – Rupert GrInt – he has already starred in the movies “The Imitation Game” and “Mr. Holmes”.
– – Daniel RadCLint – he was in the TV series “Game of Thrones”, “Downton Abbey” or “Sherlock” series.
Fans can watch the movie on their computer, mobile phone or tablet. The website of entertainment industry offers the latest information about this movie and other movies.
Will the new series of Harry Potter be a success?
The latest news is really interesting and you will not miss anything important. The series of J.k.Rowling’s HarryPotters has already became a real hit and it continues to grow. The popularity of the HarryPotter series has increased significantly in the last few years.
There are several reasons for this:
1. The books are really interesting.
2. The characters are really cool.
3. It is really easy to watch and download the latest updates.
4. There is a lot of information about HarryPotts on the internet.
5. A lot of fans are waiting for the new book.
6. New movies are being made.
7. HarryPotting is a real success on the cinema screens.
8. Many fans are interested in the livescores of the heroes and villains.
9. J. k. rowling has been writing the series for more years than any other author.
10. The books have been translated to more than 40 languages.
11. The HarryPotteres are available in more countries than any book.
You will definitely not miss any important information about J. Rowling’s HarryPottes. The site of entertainment has the latest and reliable information about it.
Latest News on the New “HarryPott” Movie
The last movie in this series of novels was a great success. The last movie of J K Rowling’ s HarryPot series was a hit and became a bestseller.

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