The Portuguese has become the best player of the Old World and the New. His achievements in the Champions League, the World Cup and the European Championship are legendary. However, the most important trophy for him is the Ballons d’or, the coveted trophy of the Spanish La Liga.
It is also worth noting that the Portuguese has won the award for the second time in a row. The first time was in 2013, when he won the Golden Ball.
The Ballon D’or is an award that is given to the best footballer in the world. It is given for the best performance in the season, the best individual performance, and the best teamwork.
Now, the Portuguese is the best in the Old and New Worlds. He has won all the major competitions, and has become a true legend of the game.
However, the question of the Ballot d’Oro is not the only one. There are other questions that should be discussed. For example, the following:
1. Who is the most successful team in the history of the tournament?
2. Who has won it the most times?
3. What is the name of the team that has won this award the most?
4. How many trophies have the Portuguese won in a season?
5. Is it possible to win the award more than once?
6. Do the Spanish players have any chance of winning the trophy?
7. Are there any other teams that have won the trophy more than twice?
8. Does the Portuguese have any rivals in the international arena?
9. Can the Portuguese win the trophy again?
10. Who is in the strongest position in the tournament at the moment?
The answers to these questions are not simple, and they can be found in the statistics of the performance of the Portuguese in the various competitions.
This season, he has not been the best of the best. However the season has already ended, and we can say that the season was not a failure for the Portuguese.

The best football players in the World
The list of the most talented football players is long, and it is not possible to name a single player who has not won the Balloon D’Ouertify.
In the list of football players, it is worth noting the following names:
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Lionel Messi;
* Zinedine Zidane;
* Cristiano Schillaci;
and many others.
All these football players have managed to achieve success in different tournaments, and have won various trophies.
Who is the Best Player of the Year?
In recent years, the award of the Best Football Player of The Year has become more and more popular. The reasons for this are:
· Long and distinguished career;
· – Excellent results;
·- Personal skills.
Many football players are able to win this award several times. The most successful of them are: Zinedi Zidani, Cristiano, Ronaldo, Messi, Schillagi, Zlatan, Zidc, Pirlo, and many more.
You can always find out the results of the football players on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will always find the latest information, as well as detailed statistics of matches.
What is the Future of Ronaldo?
Now it is easy to follow the development of events in the football world. You can always see the results on the sports statistics website. It provides the latest data on the world of football.
Ronaldo is one of the main stars of the world football. The Portuguese player has won many trophies, and is considered to be one of its main stars.
He is the main reason for the success of the club Real Madrid. The club has won several trophies, including the Champions Cup, the Super Cup, and now the Champions league.
Despite the fact that Ronaldo has won so many trophies and trophies, he is still considered to have a long and distinguished football career.
At the same time, he does not have a single rival in the Spanish championship.
Real Madrid is one the main clubs of the EPL, and there is no one who can stop it.
Will Ronaldo win the coveted award again?
This time, the answer to this question is not so easy. The main reason is the fact the Spanish team has a lot of problems.
Recently, the team lost to Barcelona in the Epl. The Catalans are the main contenders for the title.
Moreover, the Spanish club is in a bad shape. The team has problems with injuries, and its performance in matches is not very good.
If the team does not improve its performance, it will be very difficult for Real Madrid to win back the title and the Champions cup.
There are many factors that can affect the results. However it is clear that the team has not yet found its game, and this is the reason for its difficulties.
Fans and experts have already noted that the main problem of the Catalans is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing, and are not able to give their all.
Another problem of Real Madrid is the instability of the coach.

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